Vitamin D3 (2000iu)

Vitamin D3 (2000iu)

Vitamin D3 (2000iu)
120 capsules

The Lamberts Vitamin D3 2000iu capsule provides 50µg of vitamin D in the preferred, highly-bioavailable D3 form, suspended in sunflower seed oil for maximum absorption. Vitamin D3 is naturally synthesised in the body when sunlight directly hits the skin, and offers superior absorption to the D2 form that is made from plants.
Our bodies obtain vitamin D3 (which, strictly speaking is a steroid hormone) from two sources, our diet and from the action of sunlight on our skin which drives the natural production within the body. If we all had more sun then we would have plenty of vitamin D, but in reality, we do need to obtain some from our diet, particularly during the winter months and in the elderly as the body's ability to manufacture vitamin D declines with age.
Indeed, as many as 60% of the UK population is vitamin D deficient and low levels have been linked to serious health problems in later life. This is not surprising when one considers the fact that it is involved in the expression of more than 1000 genes. In fact, vitamin D contributes to:

  • Normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus,
  • Normal blood calcium levels,
  • The maintenance of normal bones,
  • The maintenance of normal muscle function,
  • The maintenance of normal teeth,
  • The normal function of the immune system.

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