The HYPOXI-training® has been designed to activate the fat metabolism in the stubborn body areas such as the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs. Each machine is specific and your treatment is individually designed to meet your goals by a professional HYPOXI therapist at your initial consultation. Reduction of cellulite and fatty deposits from the problem areas leads to a slimmer, healthier body with increased vitality and energy. HYPOXI® is suitable for both women and men.

No, it is completely non-invasive and pain free.

All HYPOXI® machines are completely safe. During your session the machine monitors your pulse rate to ensure that your heart rate is always below your maximum fat burning heart rate. This is normally between 100 and 145 beats per minute, depending on your age and physical condition. Our qualified HYPOXI® therapist will take you through a full consultation and medical questionnaire before commencing your treatment.

Yes, you can! Here, we have many HYPOXI maintenance courses that you can choose from to keep your body just how you’d like it. Many of our clients are happy to drop their number of sessions down to one or two a week – that way they keep the positive effects of HYPOXI training.

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