How to Stick to Your Diet

How to Stick to Your Diet

How to Stick to Your Diet

Posted on February 13, 2023.

Are you struggling to stick to a diet? You’re not alone. Dieting is a bit like learning how to ride a bike. It can be difficult, and you’ll probably fall off a few times. But the key to your success is perseverance. You must ‘stick with it’ and there are a few simple things you can do to make sure you don’t give up.

5 tips to help you stick to a weight loss programme

1. Give yourself a head-start

Even if you are 100% committed to a weight loss programme, it can take a while for the results to be noticeable. This is usually the sign of a good sustainable diet, but it certainly doesn’t do your motivation levels any favours. It can sometimes be worth investing in a fast weight loss treatment, such as that available at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, to get you started.

All of our training machines are designed to target stubborn fatty areas. Results can be seen in just four weeks and they could be the motivational boost you need to continue with the programme.

2. Keep things realistic

Fad diets are a great way to shed the pounds in a short time. But they’re not sustainable. Unless you can see yourself eating that way for the rest of your life, you’re bound to give up at some point and find yourself back at square one. It’s important to keep things realistic. Choose a long-term weight loss programme that is right for you and your lifestyle and it’ll be a lot easier to stick to.

3. Accept minor slip-ups

There’s no point letting one little slip-up snowball into a major setback. You’re human, after all. Don’t beat yourself up or give up because you had a slice of cake at lunch. Just accept that it happened and return to your weight loss programme. These ‘slip-ups’ can even be a positive thing, as you can figure out why it happened (e.g. stress) and stop it from happening again in the future.

4. Don’t rely on will power

When trying to stick to a diet, the best thing you can do is remove temptation. It doesn’t make sense to have a cupboard full of sweet treats that you’re not ‘allowed’ to eat – so, get rid of them. Fill your home with healthy foods and snacks and you’ll be much less likely to fall off the wagon.

Similarly, it can be difficult to get up and head to the gym on willpower alone – but inviting a friend can help. Guilt is a powerful tool. You won’t want to let your friend down and so, when the alarm goes off at 6 am, you’ll drag yourself out of bed (perhaps reluctantly) and stick to the plan.

5. Avoid feelings of hunger

Dieting usually involves cutting back on how much you eat. But, sometimes, this can become part of the problem. You’re much more likely to give in and binge eat when you’re ravenously hungry. Rather than leaving long periods of time between meals, you should try to ‘eat little and often’ and incorporate healthy snacks into your daily weight loss programme.

Get in touch with HYPOXI for further guidance

If you’re thinking about giving up on your weight loss plan, hopefully, these simple tips will get you back on track. But remember, our team of experts – here at HYPOXI – are also here to help. They demonstrate excellent knowledge in this area and can offer further tips on how to stick to a diet. They can also provide additional information about our weight loss clinic in London and can advise on the best HYPOXI treatment for you.

So why not get in touch today? Either give us a call on 020 7118 8377 or simply fill out our online contact form. Weight loss may be difficult, but we’re here to give you a helping hand.

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