5 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

5 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

5 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

Posted on February 13, 2023.

New year, new you! You want to enhance your overall health and fitness, boost your confidence levels, or even simply improve your general wellness. You’re determined to make it happen, but losing weight (and maintaining that loss) can be challenging. It’s often difficult to break your bad habits, and, when you return to your normal daily routine, things can start to get tricky.

In the following blog, we offer a number of effective weight loss tips to get you started and explore how the services currently available – here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge – could be of benefit to you.

Set bite-sized weight loss goals

It’s important to have an end-goal in mind, whether that be to improve your general fitness ahead of spring or to begin to get in better shape ahead of a summer break. However, focusing on this end-goal too much can be detrimental. You may start to feel like it’s an impossible feat and, over time, this can have a negative impact on your motivation.

A better idea is to set yourself small, achievable targets. Grab your 2019 calendar and mark out any special occasions – such as family get-togethers, weddings and holidays – and set individual (and realistic!) goals for each of these. Every time you lose 2 or 3 pounds or inches, celebrate! These little accomplishments will soon add up and, eventually, your end-goal will be within reach.

Make time for healthy meal-prep

We all live busy lifestyles and it’s easy to rely on convenience foods, perhaps grabbing a milky coffee and croissant in the morning or calling for a takeaway on the way home from work. But this is a bad habit to get into and changing this can be the key to your weight loss success.

It’s worth putting a little time aside each weekend to prepare your meals for the week ahead. You don’t need to be a culinary expert to do this. Just chop up your fruit and veg, prepare meats in advance and, regardless of your busy schedule, you’ll always have time to make a healthy meal.

Get your heart pumping

It’s no revelation that regular exercise will help you to lose weight and to improve your fitness. Your best option is to join the gym and get the heart pumping with a cardio workout. However, if it’s been a while since you donned lycra, simple changes to your daily routine can also help to burn the calories. For example, you could walk to work instead of drive or take the stairs rather than the lift. This may not seem like much, but it’s all about changing your mindset and starting to move your body more.

Share the experience with friends and family

If you’re serious about getting in shape, you need to tell the important people in your life. Talking about your plan will make you more likely to stick to it.

If your friends and family are aware, they can offer encouragement – and not tempt you with cake!

It’s also a good idea to find someone with a similar fitness or weight loss goal to you. You can swap tips and recipes for healthy meals and arrange to go to the gym together. Going with a friend will make it more enjoyable and a little competition can spur you along and help you to stay on track.

Try the HYPOXI weight loss programme

Even if you eat healthily and exercise often, it can sometimes be difficult to shift fatty deposits from ‘problem’ areas – such as the hips, stomach, or thighs. These stubborn areas can be frustrating and, if you’re determined to achieve your end-goal, it may be worth investing in HYPOXI.

HYPOXI Machines are state-of-the-art systems, which alternate high and low pressures on these problem areas, stimulating the blood flow and burning away the fat. It is a quick and effective way to lose a few inches. It could be the helping hand that you need to achieve your perfect weight.

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Losing weight and getting in shape isn’t easy. It requires will power, self-discipline and a combination of good food, exercise, and support. Hopefully our weight loss tips will help you to stay on track; however, if you’re struggling to shift the last few pounds, we’re always happy to help – here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge.

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