Gillian – Four Weeks on HYPOXI Vacunaut

Our client Gillian Hourihan (32) signed up for a course of Vacunaut last month. Four weeks later these are the results…

She lost 4 cm from her stomach and hips, Gillian’s “muffin tops” completely disappeared. She also lost a bit of weight (-1.7 kg fat) and increased muscle mass.

Well done Gillian! We couldn’t be more proud.


Gillian says – “I’ve always had trouble getting weight off my stomach area and decided to try HYPOXI to specifically target that area. I did 12 sessions along with eating well and was so surprised with the amazing results! After taking my measurements it showed I mainly lost inches around my stomach (my target area) and wow, what a difference. I’m ecstatic about the results!”

You too can achieve outstanding results like Gillian’s in as little as four weeks!! 

What a fantastic result!!

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